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Blue Star cover


Blue Star focuses on political repression during 1930s USSR and protagonist Kuzma's dreamy Cosmist/trans-humanist private thoughts and what happens when these two separate "worlds" collide. A writer by trade, young Kuzma is idealistic yet cynical. He hates being a propagandist writer and has a limited social life. Meanwhile, his iconoclastic father, a former Russian Civil War "hero," gets into trouble with the Communist Party, which has recently started to purge so-called "counter-revolutionaries". 

Kuzma is in for a ride: he rekindles his relationship with his father, questions his stagnant creative life, and unexpectedly falls in love for first time...with Katya, who just so happens to be his hated father's ex-mistress, Katya. 
Throughout the course of the series, Katya and Kuzma learn to trust each other and find themselves learning more about human interaction and nature as they become closer. Katya, jaded after years of meaningless work to support her disabled father and still scarred by the abortion that had been the end result of her untimely affair with Ardalion years before, finds the courage to trust and love again...


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